I want to help you succeed.
Technical Writing • Instruction Manuals
Document processes with clarity and precision. This preserves institutional process memory and aids in training new employees. Good manuals are a must!
Ghostwriting differs from Proper English Audio Translation (PEAT) in this way: A PEAT project comes from something you've recorded. During a ghostwriting project, we have multiple conversations to draw out and clarify exactly what you want in the project.
Proper English Audio Transcription
I will take your spoken word project, YouTube, Facebook live, podcast, Etc, and transform it into finely crafted, compelling, written English for only $3 per minute.
Marketing Copy
I studied copywriting under Ray Edwards, one of the best in the business. I can write copy for your website or email campaign that will pay for itself by increasing your conversion rate.
Conversion-Centric Web Design
Business-oriented website design has one purpose only: convert browsers into buyers. Seriously, do you care how artistic your website is if it increases conversions over your previous design? I can build you a website that will target your market and convert browsers into buyers.
Breakthrough Consulting
I have many years of experience in a wide variety roles. Breakthrough Consulting is a pay what it's worth conversation or series of conversations with me. Here's how it works. We talk about what's going on, business or personal, that has led you to seek consultation. Then if my consult is worth anything, you pay me what you think it's worth. If you think it's worth nothing, that's what you pay me. Can't be fairer than that, can I?

My Blog

I am a continual blogger, podcaster, and YouTuber. Enjoy my creative endeavors. They are all on my blog.
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Let's see if we are a good fit for your project.
E-mail: john@johnrallison.com Phone: 407) 923-7251

Call me for a no obligation, pay-what-you-want 28-minute consult.

Call me to set up an appointment for a pay-what-you-want 28-minute consultation on your project. You have nothing to lose. We can talk about what you want:
  • Marketing copy  •
  • Website effectiveness review  •
  • Story structure for your writing project  •
  • The ghostwriting process for your next book  •
  • Success and motivation  •
At the end of the phone call, I will ask you if I have been helpful (because I want feedback).  And you will have received valuable consultation for your project. If you feel like compensating me according to the value I provided, great! If you want to take the free consult, no harm, no foul. I'm glad to do it. Call me soon. I want to contribute to your success.