Postmodernism… Sort of

I’ve been exploring worldviews, truth, etc. for a sermon series on “Reframing Your Worldview.” I stumbled across a page that randomly generates short academic papers based on stock terms and phrases. It’s quite fun. There is also an adolescent poetry generator linked from that page. Check it out at: Subscribe to get email notifications of new posts Your email will […]

BOOK: “Rumors of Another World” by Philip Yancy

Just finished reading “Rumors of Another World: What On Earth Are We Missing?” I really enjoyed it. It’s sort of a post-modern look at natural theology (natural theology is discerning the existence and character of God simply through our observance of thing in an around us and without primary reliance on any sacred scripture as authoritative). Unfortunately or fortunately, I […]


I’ve lately been bothered by the idea of Hell quite a bit. My generic view of Hell is this: a place/existence of separation from God, the source of all that is good, peaceful, joyful, etc. It is painful in the deep, soul-torment type of pain that is of an entirely different and worse order than physical pain, like when you […]