God keeps his promises, but…

Last Sunday Pastor John completed a four-Sunday walk through the Old Testament, highlighting the lives and failings of several major characters and observing that God keeps his promises. We also observed, however, that God almost never intervenes in the earthly consequences of our actions. He promises to walk with us through them and to use them for our ultimate good, […]

Wrestling with God

A few weeks (maybe months) ago I taught a lesson on prayer during our Sunday service. Using major biblical characters as examples, I encouraged people to approach God in prayer honestly and boldly. Abraham bargained with the angels about the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Jacob wrestled with the Angel of the Lord. (“Let me go!” said the angel. “Not until […]

Garbage and Gratitude

Last Tuesday night my wife asked me to take out the recyclables. This was actually quite gracious because taking out the recyclables already is my job. She could have just reminded me to do it instead of asking me to do it. The thing is, taking out the recyclables is one of my least favorite jobs. The reason? They stink. […]