Message from Last Sunday, Feb 27, 2011 – The Lord’s Prayer, a Recipe for Prayer

At one point in his teaching, Jesus gave clear and direct instructions on prayer. He said, “When you pray, pray like this…” Then he gave his disciples what we know today as, “The Lord’s Prayer.” But what does it mean? Why do we pray, “Thy kingdom come”? Can anyone stop God’s kingdom from coming? Explore the Lord’s Prayer with Pastor […]

Luke 6:17-19 reading and brief reflection

In this passage, we see Jesus healing many people of all sorts of sicknesses. This shows us two things. First, Jesus verified that he was the messiah by fulfilling Old Testament prophecies of miraculous healings. He didn’t just claim to be the messiah and speak eloquently. Second, God sometimes does choose to heal us in response to our prayers. Subscribe […]

In this reading, some religious leaders are looking for a way to accuse Jesus. Knowing their thoughts, Jesus openly heals a man on the Sabbath right before their eyes. In doing this, Jesus illustrates again the proper place of rules an traditions in the life of a person of faith. Subscribe to get email notifications of new posts Your email […]

Message: Foundation of Prayer – the Inescapable Presence of God

Awareness of God’s presence — Christian mindfulness — is essential to a life that grows in living out the scripture’s invitation to “pray without ceasing.” Streaming audio: MP3 Download link Video: Subscribe to get email notifications of new posts Your email will never be disclosed to anyone in any manner because I hate it when people do that. First Name […]