No Marriage in Heaven? Isn’t that a Downgrade?

Yes, Jesus taught that marriage is an institution for the Earth. At one point, Jesus told some religious leaders that were trying to trap him with a riddle that “in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven.” (Matthew 22:29–30) Something seems wrong with this picture. We commit ourselves in love to […]

Envy & Greed, a poem

For a message on envy, I shortened and rewrote a poem by Victor Hugo called “Envy & Avarice.” (“Recasting,” I call it) I thought perhaps you might enjoy it. Envy & Greed by Victor HugoRecast by John Rallison Envy and Greed, twin sisters wandered seekingAny soul that might be open to their reekingIn sullen, sulky silence moving shore to shore […]

Billions of great things will happen today. Loved ones sharing life together. People creating wonderful works of every kind of craft and art. Simple acts of kindness between relatives, friends and strangers. If you read the news at the end of the day, you will hear about several bad things that happened today. Don’t let your mind be infected by […]

What? Lutheran pastor apologizes for participating in Newtown, CT worship service following the Sandy Hook tragedy?

There was a brouhaha in the media last week that involved the LCMS. Some have commented to me about it. Some have asked me how this could even be an issue. Here is the situation: After the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, a community service of mourning was organized through the local interfaith clergy group. The local LCMS pastor, Rev. […]

Values: Growing toward peace by clarifying values

Tomorrow is Transfiguration Sunday… a mountaintop experience! Unfortunately, we don’t live on the mountaintop. And while mountaintop experiences can be motivating and initiate positive change in our lives, humans just are not built to change in a weekend without something truly extraordinary happening (like a near death experience). We have to come down off the mountain and grow moment by […]