When conflict get heated, try the SCUM way

As I write this post, we are in the middle of an 8-week series at Journey of Life (www.journeyoflife.org) on Resolving Everyday Conflict. The material we are using is primarily from a group called Peacemaker Ministries. (www.hispeace.org). It is really excellent stuff, but I thought that perhaps some people might like a different approach. So I offer you, here, the […]

Homeless Jesus? Not really…

This “Jesus was a homeless man” thing needs to be straightened out. Not because we shouldn’t care about homelessness. It’s a horrible problem that many people only understand through cliches. Furthermore, Jesus identifies with the lowly and outcast, saying whatever we do to them we are doing it to him. So this blog is not about homelessness. It’s not about […]

Today I officiated at the funeral for a 27 year old woman who was killed in a car accident. This puts two things into my mind. First, as our church goes through a series on Resolving Everyday Conflict at Journey of Life, I am reminded of how important it is to not let conflicts go. This could be anyone at […]

Hello, world. I decided to reactivate my blog. This guy on the trombone is just amazing. Watch this: Now, for all of you who hate discipline, this guy is the one you need to watch. Why? Because freedom doesn’t come through doing whatever you want. Freedom comes through discipline. This guy had to be disciplined for years to be free to rock […]