Happy New Year, you amazing, wretched, infinitely loved child of God

January makes me think of beginnings. Beginnings make me think of Genesis 1. Genesis 1 makes me think of the phrase, “God saw that it was good.” It’s repeated over and over until at the very end, after the creation of mankind, God saw that it was “very good.” This is an important point. Every week in worship we remind […]

Book Recommendation: “What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast” by Laura Vanderkam

This is not a long book (192 pages in print) and it is an easy read… or listen. I listen to audio books while I walk 2-4 miles every morning. Some people like the solitude of an early morning walk. Unless I’m in a particular mood, the quietness drives me crazy. So audio books work for me. (As an aside, […]

Book Recommendation: “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg

Our lives are made of our habits. The health of our bodies is largely driven by our habits, as is the health of our relationships and our own inner/spiritual life. “The Power of Habit” isn’t a Christian book. It’s a book about the science of forming and changing habits. There are some surprising insights into how and why we form […]

Observations & Commentary on Acts 27:1-44

For your pleasure, some observations and commentary on Acts 27. You will want to read the actual Bible text along with this. The New Living Translation and The Message are great for reading. But for studying, I recommend the English Standard Version (though there are many good translations out there). Acts 27:1 Note that Paul is traveling with a group […]