The Humble Alarm – A great tool for focus, productivity, creativity and joy

There are all sorts of wonderful time management systems and programs to help you organize your life and keep moving in the direction you want. But the humble alarm has, perhaps, the greatest value in helping you use your time in a focused and productive way. We all have limited time available. Most of us have enough to do that […]

Dig Deeper Audio/Video Bible Study – “Ecclesia – Church”

In this episode of Dig Deeper, we continue our series “7 Greek Words Every Christian Should Know” with the word “Ecclesia,” which is the word translated as “church” in most English versions. By the end of this study you will see that “church” doesn’t have to do with buildings at all, except insofar as they serve the needs and mission […]

Which Pixar character is Donald Trump?

I have strong political feelings, but I rarely comment on them, especially when it concerns people. I like recently deceased Justice Antonin Scalia’s maxim: “I attack ideas not people.” But people get elected and so occasionally commenting on a person is part of the process in our country. Here’s my comment for today: I think I found Donald Trump in […]