Jesus Says You Are Welcome to God’s Party Right Now without Qualification

banquethall---webAt a banquet where Jesus notice people social climbing, he told a story about how different the kingdom of God is from the way of the world. In this case, it is a kingdom he compares to a banquet with a wide open invitation for anyone who will come.

In this uplifting message Pastor John encourages us to rewrite our own stories of unworthiness to see ourselves as God’s people invited to his party without evaluation or distinction. Then he encourages us to live lives of open welcome toward others just as we have been openly welcomed.

Sermon Podcast: Jesus Says You Are Welcome to God’s Party Now without Qualification

Learning Faithful Living from Pokemon GO

Gods-Work-Go---graphicPeople who play Pokemon GO seriously are at it all the time doing at least three things: looking for Pokemon, battling, and replenishing at Pokestops. Imagine if Christians focused their lives the way Pokemon GO players do. Christians would be looking for opportunities to do good works, battling evil in and around them, and recharging through prayer, Bible study and worship.