A Free, Scientifically Proven Way to Be Physically Healthier and Feel Better about Life

There is a scenario tossed around occasionally about scientists doggedly slugging their way up the mountain of reality by experimentation on testable hypotheses only to find, when they reach the top, the theologians are sitting up there having tea. That’s certainly not going to happen with every religious belief or practice. However, an increasing body of scientific evidence is pointing […]

The Humble Alarm – A great tool for focus, productivity, creativity and joy

There are all sorts of wonderful time management systems and programs to help you organize your life and keep moving in the direction you want. But the humble alarm has, perhaps, the greatest value in helping you use your time in a focused and productive way. We all have limited time available. Most of us have enough to do that […]

Values: Growing toward peace by clarifying values

Tomorrow is Transfiguration Sunday… a mountaintop experience! Unfortunately, we don’t live on the mountaintop. And while mountaintop experiences can be motivating and initiate positive change in our lives, humans just are not built to change in a weekend without something truly extraordinary happening (like a near death experience). We have to come down off the mountain and grow moment by […]

Garbage and Gratitude

Last Tuesday night my wife asked me to take out the recyclables. This was actually quite gracious because taking out the recyclables already is my job. She could have just reminded me to do it instead of asking me to do it. The thing is, taking out the recyclables is one of my least favorite jobs. The reason? They stink. […]