25 Things People Regret Later in Life (v204)

Don’t end up regretting things later in life that other people have already ended up regretting later in life!

In this Facebook Live video I walk through a Forbes article on 25 things people say they regret later in life. This was a helpful review for me and I hope it is for you, too.

The first 1:30 is me explaining about and apologizing for missing a Facebook Live Bible study I was supposed to be leading. If you don’t want to hear me explain and apologize, skip to about the 1:30 mark.


Release – Letting Go of the Past and the Future to Live in the Present (sermon audio/video/printables)

Things we have done or things that have been done to us can feel like a weight we are dragging through time. Worries over the future can feel like breathing stuffy air under a blanket. True freedom in Christ is found by living in the present — letting the past go as forgiven and redeemed while entrusting the unknowable future to the hands of the loving creator of all.

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