I want to help you succeed.
Proper English Audio Transcription
I will take your spoken word project, YouTube, Facebook live, podcast, Etc, and transform it into finely crafted, compelling, written English for only $3 per minute.
Audio Narration
I love audio books. I will create an audio version of your written book or manuscript. My style is casual, clear, and dynamic. Your listeners will feel like you are sitting with them in a coffee shop talking about whatever you've written about.
Ghostwriting differs from Proper English Audio Translation (PEAT) in this way: A PEAT project comes from something you've recorded. During a ghostwriting project, we have multiple conversations to draw out and clarify exactly what you want in the project.
Direct Mail Marketing Copy
I studied direct mail copywriting under Ray Edwards, one of the best in the business. I can write copy for your website or email campaign that will pay for itself by increasing your conversion rate.
Conversion-Centric Web Design
Business-oriented website design has one purpose only: convert browsers into buyers. Seriously, do you care how artistic your website is if it increases conversions over your previous design? I can build you a website that will target your market and convert browsers into buyers.

My Blog

I am a continual blogger, podcaster, and YouTuber. Enjoy my creative endeavors. They are all on my blog.
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Contact Me

Let's see if we are a good fit for your project.
E-mail: john@johnrallison.com Phone: 407) 923-7251

Call me for a no obligation, pay-what-you-want 28-minute consult.

Call me to set up an appointment for a pay-what-you-want 28-minute consultation on your project. You have nothing to lose. We can talk about what you want:
  • Marketing copy  •
  • Website effectiveness review  •
  • Story structure for your writing project  •
  • The ghostwriting process for your next book  •
  • Success and motivation  •
At the end of the phone call, I will ask you if I have been helpful (because I want feedback).  And you will have received valuable consultation for your project. If you feel like compensating me according to the value I provided, great! If you want to take the free consult, no harm, no foul. I'm glad to do it. Call me soon. I want to contribute to your success.