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“ Loved it.” – 5 stars

Bill is trying to father his hurting children even as he deals with his own feelings over the accidental death of his wife. He decides to take three road trips, letting each child choose the destination of a trip. The final destination is his choice: Key West, Florida.

“ Thought provoking book on death. How would you handle losing a spouse or loved one too early in life?” – 5 stars

“The Seven Mile Bridge” is a book about a family healing and a man being forced to face the big questions of life. While it is a work of fiction, most of the places and facts are real (such as the largest ball of twine in Cawker City, Kansas). If you want to know which places and facts are fiction, see the introduction to the book.

“This novella takes the reader directly into the conflict of an emotionally driven tale of grief, faith and humanity as a father and his two children embark on a road trip in the aftermath of their mother’s death. The Seven Mile Bridge is an enlightening and heart felt read!” – 5 stars

“The Seven Mile Bridge” is a novella in the 20,000 word range. (For reference, a typical full novel runs in the 60,000 to 90,000 word range.)

“ Couldn’t put it down.” – 5 stars

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“Why I am proud of ‘The Seven Mile Bridge'”: