Today I officiated at the funeral for a 27 year old woman who was killed in a car accident. This puts two things into my mind.

First, as our church goes through a series on Resolving Everyday Conflict at Journey of Life, I am reminded of how important it is to not let conflicts go. This could be anyone at any time. If you are estranged from someone, don’t wait to reconcile. Do it. If you aren’t sure how, click here to go to the “Resolving Everyday Conflict” portion of the Journey of Life web site and follow (or watch the whole, depending on when you read this) series of messages. Peacemaker ministries has many great resources for helping you work through conflict. Click here to go their “help for yourself or others in conflict” page.

Any day may be too late. It might not be easy. It may be a long process. But pick up the phone, call the person, and just say, “Can we talk?” Then start to work it out. Unresolved conflict with someone who dies can be a heavy weight to bear and I would spare you that. So go and be reconciled.

Second, please slow down and drive carefully when it’s raining.