Today was crazy but great. For some reason yet to be ascertained, the person who normally opens Hidden Oaks Elementary School for our Journey of Life w0rship services never showed up. What does one do for a scheduled worship service when one cannot unlock the building? Our solution was to hold our worship service in my house, which is less than 10 minutes from Hidden Oaks.

I could help but remember the early believers in Acts who met in the temple courts and in homes. I personally love in-home services. I find them warm and inviting. This service was no exception.

I am intrigued by the idea of Sunday morning in-home worship services. Why is it that groups of people can’t simply make Sunday mornings their spiritual growth morning of the week and meet in groups of 15-30 in homes around Southeast Orlando? Hmmm. One obstacle that comes to mind immediately is how to feel like a body without regularly gathering as a body?

I’m going to think more on this.