It’s been a long time since I blogged last. Haven’t done much work on hell since I mentioned it last time. I did do some research on the historical reliability of “The Da Vinci Code” for a sermon I preached. That was very good for me. This week (and probably the next two or three) I’ll be preaching about the Bible, who wrote it, how the various writings were compiled into one book, etc. I really enjoying the research for this sermon. Lots of stuff I haven’t looked at since seminary.

Now, the movie.

I recommend the movie “Cars” for just about anyone. I took my two girls (4 & 7 yrs old) to see it. There is absolutely nothing offense about this movie. Not one off-color thing I wish my girls wouldn’t have heard. Furthermore, it is a beautiful movie. The animation is eye-candy unbelievable. It is rich, vibrant and colorful. If you are thinking about this movie, you should know that my 4 yr old got a little bored. Even though the animation is stunning, it is a plot-driven movie and so my 4 yr old lost interest after a while. There’s almost no slapstick in it (one exception my younger daughter liked was “tractor-tipping.”) Anyone who likes nice movies with nice plots that come to full resolution will like this movie as long as they aren’t the type that is simply turned off by animation.

From a Christian point of view, the movie has good moral points that are in line with Christian values. Although Christianity isn’t first and foremost about values but about God’s love that reached down to us in Jesus Christ. In that sense, the movie was neither pro-Christian nor anti-Christian. It’s ust a beautiful movie with a nice story. I’ll see it again. I might even buy it when it comes out on DVD (I love animation for some reason).