Have you ever forgotten a password? Have you ever been forced to make a password that is completely unintelligible because of the password strength required?

I know a trick for making essentially unbreakable passwords that are easily remembered. You will thank me for this.

Let me walk you through the process of creating easily-remembered, unbreakable passwords.

Step One

You’ll need a short sentence. Four to eight words works well.

My sentence is “My favorite vacation is houseboating.”

Use the first two letters of each word in the sentence. Use the capital of the first letter and the lower case of the second letter.

From my sentence, I get:


You can see this is already a pretty secure password.


Step Two

But you will be required to have numbers and sometimes special characters. So, you’d better do that, too.

For some reason, I associate 1976 with houseboating. So, I add that to the end:


This password is quite a bit more secure:


Step Three

But there is no special character. Some websites will require a special character. Why not add a special character all the time? I chose #.

So my entire, very secure, easily-remembered password is:


After adding the # to the end, “How strong is my password?” told me:


Your security requirements may exceed mine. But, for my purposes, 16 billion years is long enough. I can be out of the country by then if I need to. 🙂

There you go. My little trick for creating easily remember super-secure passwords. Hope it helps.

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