Here’s what happened:

Yesterday, part of my day was spent putting out roadside signs for a Financial Peace University preview class our church is hosting this weekend. As I was walking away from putting a sign on the corner of an intersection, I heard someone yell, “Go f— yourself!” I looked up. A young man was leaning out of the window of a large late model pickup truck that had turned right and was pulling away from the intersection. He yelled again while hanging out of the window looking in my direction, “Did you hear me? Go f— yourself!”

He could have been yelling at someone else, but I didn’t see anyone else around.

I have encountered some harshness toward my faith (though very little). But these signs don’t even mention our church, except the web address, which also doesn’t indicate it’s a church ( Several churches do put signs out like that in our area, so maybe he assumed it was for a church.

What I don’t understand is what, in his mind, is the point? Does he think saying, “F—” to me is goint to hurt my tender ears? Offend me? I guess he is publicly expressing his opinion, which can be somewhat cathartic. Really, though, I just don’t get it. Not only did it not bother me, I found it, for some strange reason, mildly entertaining.

Upon reflection, though, I am a little bothered by the incident. It occurs to me that he must not have been wearing a seatbelt and, while cussing out the window is just silly, not wearing a seatbelt is dangerous.