Last week’s message (Jan 30, 2011) dealt with the inner peace in which Jesus lived, a peace so complete that he could sleep in the back of a boat during a storm that made seasoned sailors afraid for their lives. We looked at the habits of Jesus’ life, one of which was solitary prayer.

I had decided that this Sunday we would explore solitary prayer a bit further. As I was preparing the message and praying about it, I decided that the subject of prayer was worth a series instead of a one-off message.

So, beginning this week and continuing for the next few weeks, the Sunday messages at Journey of Life Lutheran Church will focus on prayer. Some questions we will explore, not in any particular order, are:

  • Why should I pray?
  • What can I expect in and through my prayers?
  • What should I pray for?
  • Is there a right way to pray?
  • Is there a wrong way to pray?
  • Can I pray for whatever is important to me? Or will that make God mad at me?
  • Is there such a thing as “prayer techniques”?
This Sunday you will also have a chance to submit your own questions about prayer and have them addressed as part of this series.
Hope to see you Sunday. Or, if you aren’t in the area, be sure to listen to or watch the digital recordings of the messages. They will be posted here for your convenience.
God bless! (and may you recognize it as such when God does!)