In this message, which concludes the series on prayer, Pastor John connects prayer with the idea that the church is the bride of Christ. We have the ultimate call of love from God. Like any relationship, you can study about it, but you must also experience it and it develops over time in unforeseen ways. So it is with our relationship with God if we spend solitary time with God in prayer. During Lent, many people give up something as a spiritual exercise. Pastor John encourages you to give up your most important commodity this Lent: time. Spend daily solitary time with God. Choose an amount of time. Set a timer. You might want to use a guide for your prayer time, such as the Lord’s Prayer (see previous message). You can download a prayer guide and daily checkoff sheet for Lent here:

PDF Lenten Prayer Checkoff List and Guide based on the Lord’s Prayer

Audio (click the ‘menu’ button if you’d rather download the MP3 than stream the audio):