Zondervan’s Compact Bible Dictionary

I do not personally own this Bible dictionary. But It has very good reviews on Amazon.com and Zondervan is a very reputable, mainstream publisher of Bible materials. It looks to be an easy to read lay-level Bible dictionary. Why don’t I buy this one? I have at least 5 Bible dictionaries already and I do all my Bible study using software.

What is a “Bible Dictionary”?

A Bible dictionary is a resource in which you can look up a specific thing from the Bible that you might like to understand more deeply. This could be a person (e.g. King David), a concept (e.g. the sacrificial system), or something else (e.g. Roman money). A good Bible dictionary is very valuable and easy-to-use resource for understanding the Bible.

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Holman Illustrated Bible Handbook

I own this Bible handbook as part of my electronic library. I haven’t seen the print version but I assume it is a quality piece of work (email me if I’m wrong!).

What is a “Bible Handbook”?

A Bible handbook follows the text and offers additional commentary for understanding the context and culture of whath you are reading. For instance, if you are reading in Luke 7, you would keep your Bible handbook open to Luke 7 to find additional information that might be helpful in understanding what is written.

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