If you haven’t seen this twitter exchange yet, you should. This is what my other blog “God’s Gift to the World” (www/ is trying to promote: a generous and courageous life.

Instead of ignoring a rude comment or getting drawn into a Twitter battle, Sarah Silverman responded with courage and generosity.

Be warned. Some less-than-graceful language is used (as you will see by the very first tweet). But the actual grace of the exchange far outweighs any offense the language might cause. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. 🙂

Here are the first two tweets of the lengthy exchange:

Here’s is Sarah Silverman’s reply:

It get’s really good. You might even cry at the end. My eyes were a little glassy.

Read the entire exchange here.

Can you imagine if everyone on social media wrote with the courage and generosity Sarah Silverman displayed?

Don’t just imagine it. Start doing it and encourage your friends to.


You are God’s gift to the world. Believe it. Own it. Live it!

PS – Help me build a community of people who want to live more courageous and generous lives. Help me help people see that each person is God’s gift to the world. Forward this to your friends and family.


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