I want to publicly thank Krista Tippett and OnBeing.org for posting the unedited interviews that Krista conducts with her guests. I have two reasons for this gratitude:
First, I really feel like I get to “know” the guest a little better. I hear the banter, off-the-cuff remarks and extra stories that don’t make it into the produced one-hour radio version of the interview. It is a richer experience for me.
Second, they don’t edit out the technical difficulties. This week’s show with Brene Brown had a major technical issue right in the middle of it. As a pastor who leads a weekly worship service that all-too-often suffers some sort of glitch, it’s liberating (and in a twisted way, even encouraging) to get to listen in while pros try to solve unanticipated malfunctions. Of course, the listener never hears the glitches on the produce show. That is part of the point of producing a finished show.
I recommend “OnBeing” to everyone. It’s a thought-provoking and kind conversation about the big questions in life.