We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus every year, as we should! As Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 15:17, “If Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile.”

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the biggest of deals! But the “big deal” resurrection speaks to more than our ultimate life after death. It speaks to us in the helpless and hopeless of times of life. It speaks to us in times of disillusionment, frustration, and unmet expectations.

To believe in “the resurrection” gives us solid ground for believing in resurrection in every area of our lives. If the dead can come back to life, then all the other lesser problems can experience resurrection, too.

What’s going on in your life that needs resurrection? What difficulties or struggles are you facing? Where has hope died in your life? That’s a place for resurrection to enter.

But death comes before resurrection. Jesus said that in order to live, we need to die to ourselves. Is your difficulty, struggle, or pain being prolonged because of your unwillingness to let something die? Your pride? Your worldview? Your bitterness? Your sense of injustice? To die in the midst of a difficulty is to commit it to the Lord. To commit it to the Lord is to leave it in God’s hands and do what Jesus would do if he was living your life.

Jesus does want to live in and through you. He is the resurrection and the life. When you entrust your life to Jesus by allowing him to teach you how to live, you begin to experience resurrection.

But resurrection always looks different. The resurrected Jesus told Mary not to hold onto him for the moment. The resurrected Jesus was, at times, unrecognizable to his disciples until he decided to make himself known.

Littler resurrections in our lives are like that, too. To say that you can experience resurrection is not to say that your problems vanish. To experience resurrection is to follow the path of Jesus, the path of the cross. Instead of clinging, running or hiding, you move into the difficulties and pains of life expecting God to work. You choose to act in faith and you make your choices based on your Lord’s direction. Even if the choice is to wait, it is an active choice with a purpose rather than a choice to avoid.

When you move into difficult situations new life blooms, often in unexpected ways. The resurrection that comes out of your difficulty and pain will not be a return to the old normal that you were clinging to or running from. It will be new and different. It will be wonderful. It will be God working God’s resurrection power in your life.

I cannot tell you exactly how this will work in the midst of what you face right now. That’s not the way resurrection works. But I can tell you that if you commit your ways to the Lord he will make your paths straight. If you knock, Jesus will answer. If you seek, you will find.

Grace and peace to you,