I have strong political feelings, but I rarely comment on them, especially when it concerns people. I like recently deceased Justice Antonin Scalia’s maxim: “I attack ideas not people.” But people get elected and so occasionally commenting on a person is part of the process in our country. Here’s my comment for today:

I think I found Donald Trump in the Pixar movie, “Up!” Tell me what you think.

I think a vote for Donald Trump is a vote for an unprincipled do-whatever-it-takes bully, a guy who admittedly has given lots of money to both political parties because it buys him access. Do you think someone who buys access isn’t going to sell access? Do you think someone who uses eminent domain to force people off their property for the sake of his development efforts is going to be the champion of the little guy once he is elected?

I understand that there is a great deal of anger out there on the part of conservatives, libertarians, constitutional originalists and the like. It seems like no leader is fighting the socialist trends you fear. But do you think Donald Trump is really conservative or just tapping into that frustration? Do you think Donald Trump is really a champion of individual liberty or he is just tapping into that frustration. Do you think Donald Trump really respects and reveres the principles of our constitution or do you think he is just tapping into that anger? I think he is none of those things and just recognizes the opportunity that is presenting itself.

The developer in “Up!” saw the opportunity to get Carl’s property for his building project by having Carl committed to an institution after Carl briefly lost his temper when the construction crew damaged a mailbox his deceased wife had painted. It was all an accident, but the circumstances were irrelevant to the developer. He found a way to get what he wanted, so he took it. He was a winner.

I, myself, lean to the conservative, libertarian, constitutional originalist side of politics, though I think there is a middle ground to be sought for a compassionate society.

But I think a vote for Donald Trump is a vote for the guy who took Carl’s home.