I was scanning through old blog posts recently and ran across this post from March, 2013. As I read through it, little bells began to go off in my head. I thought about how good it was for me to read this post again.

It’s about how stressful situations physiologically reduce your ability to think and listen. The upshot is that if things get heated (say in a “discussion” between a husband and wife), a break might very well be needed because our body’s stress response reduces our ability to listen and process. It’s just a physiological fact. Further, it needs to be longer than a 5 minute break. Research suggests you need at least 20 minutes of doing something totally unrelated in order for your body’s stress response to really relax to a point where you can re-engage appropriately.

I’m not going to rewrite the whole post here. But I suggest you go read it. It was good for me and perhaps it will be good for you, too.


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